5 of The Best Foods for Winter

A greater percentage of people are in favor of the summer months more than the winter ones. Besides the fact that the extremely cold temperatures limit their activities both inside and outside the home, it often has a gloomy or morbid effect on their feelings and emotions; which is why lots of people easily revert to the feelings of boredom and sheer depression.

There is no way of avoiding winter, so why not take steps and eat best foods that would help you overcome the winter blues and also prove quite healthy for you?

Here are some of the best foods for winter.


Surely, oatmeal doesn’t sound all that exciting. But there is a valid reason why many nutritionists recommend oatmeal to people during the winter season. Oatmeal provides your body with the good carbs.

These good carbs nourish your body as well as your brain. But the main reason why this is included in the group of best foods for winter is because it boosts the level of Serotonin hormone in our brain.

Serotonin is commonly known as the ‘feel-good hormone’ because it actually makes us feel good about everything. Usually our body relies on sunlight for favorable levels of serotonin; this is perhaps the reason why everyone is so cheery during summers.

Since days are short in winter, ample sunlight cannot be availed which is why the sunken feeling overpowers us. Oatmeal is there one of the best foods to fight against the boredom.


Fish is another one of the best foods for winter, and it is a really good source for attaining Vitamin D. Vitamin D holds the advantage of transporting calcium from our food sources into the bones in our body; without proper levels of Vitamin D, the calcium that we ingest, is wasted. Sunlight and heat is the main source of Vitamin D which is ample during the summers but scarce during the winters.

A little bit of sunshine in winters is therefore very necessary but people who cannot even avail that, should eat lots of fish during winters as it is one of the best foods for winter.

Vitamin C rich Fruits:

Nature provides us with an ample variety of fruits that are rich in Vitamin C. For example; you can see loads of oranges, kiwis and lemons in the market.

Take advantage of these fruits as they will supply your body with good amounts of Vitamin C; this vitamin is famous for boosting the immune system. Viruses causing flu, cold and coughs become increasingly common and this makes Vitamin C-rich fruits some of the best foods for winter as they can help you fight against those irritable bugs.


In winter comes a large variety of nuts; there are almonds, pistachios, walnuts, raisins and much more. Most of these are rich in proteins, minerals, good fats and vitamins and this makes them the best foods for winter.

The good fats and protein raise our metabolism and help in keeping our body warm which is needed during the cold winters. But besides keeping us warm, nuts gives lot of nutrition to the body boosting the quality of muscles and brain activity.


Garlic is also one of the best foods because it is a good source of antioxidants. Furthermore, allicin, which is that element in garlic that gives it a pungent smell and strong taste, is actually quite beneficial as it boosts our germ-fighting white blood cells. 

When our body is invaded by foreign bodies, then it is the white blood cells which attack those viral or bacterial forms. In order to give strength to the white blood cells in your body, choose one of these best foods in winter.

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